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Ryoji Kanno
Masaaki Hirayama


Ryoji Kanno (Professor)

Masaaki Hirayama
(Associate Professor)

Tokyo Institute of Technology G1 Building 10th Floor
G1-1 4259 Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Yokohama 226-8502 JAPAN

Kanno-Hirayama Laboratory

Has been researching in the boundary region of solid-state chemistry and electrochemistry, electrochemical devices deployed to investigate synthesize the substances

Research Keywords

  • Energy storage and convention material, Super ionic conductor
  • Lithium battery, Fuel cell, All-solid-state battery
  • Structures at electrode/electrolyte interface, Solid State Ionics
  • Inorganic synthetic chemistry, Solid state electrochemistry, Neutron scattering

As portable electronics become more ubiquitous in our society, a need for a high performance battery has become more important to sustain this every increasing need for portable power. Clean energy sources have also been deemed essential to the cause of environmental protection. These new energy sources which will support our lives of the future are chemical energy conversion devices such as fuel cells and lithium batteries. We are creating and investigating materials that are crucial components of these chemical energy conversion devices, with our goals to develop materials with superior characteristics.

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